Even if you have perfect vision it’s still a good idea to have your eyes examined every two years if you’re under 60 and annually if you’re over. That’s because there are a number of diseases without symptoms, which can be identified during an eye exam. And at least one of these, which can cause blindness, can only be found by an eye doctor.

Digital Eye Strain

Today just about everything we do involves a screen. Our use of digital devices has fundamentally changed one of the basic functions of our eyes: how we blink.

Sun Damage

sun injury is more closely connected to carcinoma, the threat to your eyes is simply as vital. wearing actinic ray block eyeglasses is very important


Sure, not everybody has allergies. But, the incidence is actually on the increase as a results of magnified spore  and substance counts.

Vision Correction

Vision problems, , need routine check-ups with your eye doctor.  First, you want to make sure you are seeing as well as possible and your prescription is up to date.

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