woman feeling eye pain when using tablet at night

Today just about everything we do involves a screen: computers, phones, e-readers, game consoles, televisions, tablets. A lot of screens. Our use of digital devices has fundamentally changed one of the basic functions of our eyes: how we blink. And it turns out, blinking is essential to the health of your eyes. The act of blinking releases a lubricating substance from tiny glands along the eyelids to help slow the evaporation of the tear film over the eye. When we stare at our screens, we blink a lot slower than normal (you know you do). Without regular blinking, those glands don’t get used properly and can clog up. The result is the tear film evaporates quickly and you wind up with dry eye symptoms.




Every day we have a tendency to be exposed to actinic ray sun rays. whereas sun injury is more closely connected to carcinoma, the threat to your eyes is simply as vital. wearing actinic ray block eyeglasses is very important (Pro Tip: explore for eyeglasses labeled actinic ray 400). Your annual eye test screens for the potential risks from sun exposure together with devolution and cataracts.



Sure, not everybody has allergies. But, the incidence is actually on the increase as a results 

of magnified spore and substance counts. Anyone World Health Organization suffers from pollinosis and different allergies is aware of however vulnerable the eyes square measure to the burning, itching, redness and general irritation. Managing those symptoms is best through with a sure ophthalmologist. she will be able to confirm you aren’t accidentally inflicting harm (don’t scratch, rub or otherwise bit, your eyes) and bring down medication to assist you manage.

Vision Correction

Vision issues, shortsightedness, hyperopia or astigmatism, needs routine check-ups along with your ophthalmologist. First, you would like to be certain you’re seeing as well as possible and your prescription is up to date. Second, if you’re wearing contacts, your ophthalmologist must careful monitor the health of your eyes. Fact is, wearing contacts comes with sure risks. They scale back the quantity of gas to the surface of the attention and may additionally interfere with those lubricating glands we have a tendency to mentioned earlier. Your doctor must see you to create certain everything is functioning ordinarily which your tear film and eye are healthy.
Today, life is busy and creating and keeping your annual eye test – significantly if you’ve got vision issues – is vital. Yes, it’s disruption to your day. And, really, you simply need to induce your prescription therefore you’ll be able to get your glasses or contacts. But, everybody must have a radical analysis of their eyes on a daily basis to confirm their physiological state and also the ability to envision well for a life.


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