Your Vision.

Our Priority.

We are driven by a desire to deeply satisfy every single patient that walks into our clinic.


Investigation/Therapeutic Intervention

We carry out Color vision test, Cryo-Surgery and More.



Lid surgeries, Corneal surgeries, Enucleation and More..

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Everybody Deserves To See The World Clearly.

We believe that everyone deserves to see the world clearly. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide patients with the best eye doctors, the most thorough an eye’s health exams, and a wide selection of eyewear delivered with the personal attention you deserve .enim ad et minim veniam.

We’re Certified

Certified by Government for excellence in Ophthalmic Technology

Expert Doctors

You will be treated with the most friendly & compassionate care

20 Years Of Experience

Community health and vision care to the area for over 20 years

Excellent Services

Today, we fit into the perfect frame of services for everyone.

Our Experts


At Cynard we value our patients’ overall health and encourage our patients to visit their primary care doctor annually.

Eye Care Services For Adults And Children’s Clinic.

From the first contact with us, our patients experience excellence and professionalism in the care and services we provide just to ensure that they attain clear and comfortable vision through healthy eyes.


Refraction and dispensing


Detection/diagnosis, and management of the disease in the eye


Ophthalmologist consult


Refraction and dispensing

We Have The Best Doctors
In The City

Our Outstanding Doctors diagnose, and manage properly a wide range of Eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Cataract, Retinal Disease, Uveitis, etc. We are up to date with our services and provide a wide range of surgical procedures ensuring that we leave our patients with optimum vision and care.


Emergency Cases


Expert Doctors


Modern Clinic


24/7 Help Center


Our Technology

World-class eye care requires world-class technology. That’s why at Cynard you will find some of the most advanced equipment available.

We work with leading manufacturers and suppliers of ophthalmic equipment and instruments. We constantly monitor and assess the quality and performance of the equipment to ensure that the very highest standards are maintained. Read More



Coronavirus – How we are managing our services

The safety of our patients and staff is our first priority. We are following advice from NCDC with regards to providing Ophthalmology services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our systems and processes have been designed to keep you safe during your treatment. To view, the measures we have in place are described Click here.

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